Sunday, July 12, 2009

Harry Potter and the School Holidays

The school holidays are nearly over in Queensland, with most students returning to school this coming Tuesday.  With the much anticipated release of the next Harry Potter Movie this Wednesday, the Young People's team -of which I am a part- decided we would theme our school holiday programs around the 7 Harry Potter books.

We made crystal ball snow globes, sewed owl softies, made Nimbus 2000's and Harry Potter glasses, wands and capes.  We also screen printed HP logos on calico bags, made HP beaded bookmarks, created Meg and Mog collages and made HP themed door hangers.  

Each school holiday we also run a treasure hunt of some sort, and this year it was made up of 21 excerpts from all 7 books.  The younger kids had to find all the hidden excerpts and find the 21 highlighted words within a word search.  The young adults had to find the excerpts and then write down which book the quote came from!

Below is an Animoto video of all of our school holiday activities.

We also hosted two workshops with Gary Clark, the creator of the Swamp cartoons on the last friday of the holidays.  Below is an audioboo interview with some of the teenagers who attended the last session, and a 30 second animoto of his workshop.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009