Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Land of the Long White Cloud...

The last two weeks in our house have just been crazy. My father in law collapsed in New Zealand, and we have had to suddenly organise a trip across the Tasman. Our major hassle has been acquiring our passports, of which I now possess three out of the four! My very wonderful dad is on a train as I write picking up our fourth passport from the Department in Brisbane.

The kids will have to take school work with them, and I'll be taking all my uni work. I will also have to try and conquer my facebook addiction as we'll have no computer or internet access for the time we're away. (maybe Liam and I can sneak into an internet cafe for a WOW/facebook fix!)

We are going to try and spend time at the hospital mixed with a bit of sightseeing. Will post some photos of our time away when I get home.

See ya, and thanks for taking the time to read!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New quilt?

Oh my goodness!  I haven't been inside a quilt shop for awhile, but was picking up a BOM today from Precious Time and this fabric 'layer cake' just jumped right out at me!  Can you believe it - coffee fabric?  It is part of a new range by Moda called 'Bistro', and will be widely available in September/October.  Hmmm, can I wait that long?  The photo doesn't really do it justice, beautiful limes, creams, turqouises, chocolates and caramels.  Yum!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Coffee and friends

  Coffee, My Old Friend
By Karie Lesly
An aroma that fills the room with warmth brewing gently, steady and
Two friends together in stolen moments sharing soul, heart, life.
Weaving through the years
like a fine delicate lace.
The design unravels details,
simplicity, sometimes flaws.
And even still, meshing together
bonded by each cup.
The tenderness of solitude
occassionally with a good book.
As I take the first sip
of the first cup
I realize again that I am blessed.
To share this cup with such a friend,
sometimes it being only me.
So much more than flavor, roast or blend...
A way of life.

Bean Peace
A poem by Drew K.
A mystery wrapped in brown,
A fragile enigma,
Enveloping the senses,
With the earthy steam
Of a bean.
The mind wrapped in warmth,
The essence of dark roast,
Heating from within,
The senses thrill,
With every lingering
Sniff of the aroma
In the mug

What better way to spend some time than catching up with good friends whilst drinking good coffee? 

Monday, July 7, 2008

Reality bytes..

Reality has well and truly hit!! My prac has finished and I am back to the real world. Back to my beloved family and home - no glamorous apartment at Roma St Parklands to walk home to, and back to my real job.

Thank you to those staff members who were interested in what I learnt at my prac. It was so nice being able to share what to me has been a very important part of my 'learning' process. Apart from missing my muffins (thanks to Amy and Emily for filling in whilst I was gone), I think the nicest thing I heard was that as I have learnt things and passed them on, it has inspired others to want to learn about some of the new things that are happening in Libraries. What a compliment, and thank you.

I spent my last week finishing off my assignment on prac, and posted it via email yesterday, such a good feeling. Only one more subject to go, with three assessments, so am definitely on the downward slope. I will be learning about digital preservation, which will be very interesting I am sure.

On the tech front, am trying to justify why I need an iphone. I have a severe case of technolust, and thought it could be an early graduation present! (one of the reasons on my list). I read all I can on them, and can't wait for their arrival in Australia. Actually, am going to shout myself to the New Librarians Symposium 4 in Melbourne for my graduation present to myself. What better way to finish off my studies than by attending a conference designed for new librarians.

Thanks for taking the time to read and have a great day!