Monday, July 7, 2008

Reality bytes..

Reality has well and truly hit!! My prac has finished and I am back to the real world. Back to my beloved family and home - no glamorous apartment at Roma St Parklands to walk home to, and back to my real job.

Thank you to those staff members who were interested in what I learnt at my prac. It was so nice being able to share what to me has been a very important part of my 'learning' process. Apart from missing my muffins (thanks to Amy and Emily for filling in whilst I was gone), I think the nicest thing I heard was that as I have learnt things and passed them on, it has inspired others to want to learn about some of the new things that are happening in Libraries. What a compliment, and thank you.

I spent my last week finishing off my assignment on prac, and posted it via email yesterday, such a good feeling. Only one more subject to go, with three assessments, so am definitely on the downward slope. I will be learning about digital preservation, which will be very interesting I am sure.

On the tech front, am trying to justify why I need an iphone. I have a severe case of technolust, and thought it could be an early graduation present! (one of the reasons on my list). I read all I can on them, and can't wait for their arrival in Australia. Actually, am going to shout myself to the New Librarians Symposium 4 in Melbourne for my graduation present to myself. What better way to finish off my studies than by attending a conference designed for new librarians.

Thanks for taking the time to read and have a great day!

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