Sunday, December 30, 2007

Week 4: RSS and Newsreaders

This module I learnt all about RSS, or to those like me who had no idea what that meant 'Really Simple Syndication'. I set up my own bloglines newsreader account and located a few interesting blogs and news feeds and added them to my account. For anyone wishing to visit this to see my totally inspiring and riveting choices, here is the link:

This module has taught me that I can do some things without the help of my husband or son, and that technology is a really wonderful thing, but only when you have a firm grasp as to what the heck you are supposed to know about!!

I also learnt about the importance of reading error messages. I was feeling rather proud of all I'd accomplished by myself this morning and was explaing to my husband that I still could not get my link to work correctly. When I showed him, he pointed out that my user name was not long enough (as shown in error box). He then very graciously told me it was very unclear, and that I had done well!

The concept of life long learning encouraged by librarians has to become a reality in our own lives. Technology is changing at such a fast pace that just keeping abreast of some of the changes takes a massive effort, but is definitely worth the time. I keep telling my kids that the time I have spent on the computer learning these things is well spent, as I now know more about some of them than they do!! I can spout words like RSS, blogging, on my flickr account etc and even know what they mean!!!

See ya

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Week 3 completed!!! (finally)

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Have spent most of the day learning about photos and Images on Flickr.

I have learnt two things about technology today. Firstly, that it is NEVER, EVER as simple as it seems, and second, that the kids get ratty when the main computer is being used by someone other than them!!

This picture is part of my favourite things page on Flickr, and is my first attempt at adding an image to my blog. It was taken at Sea World on the Gold Coast, where I drove my family crazy because I kept going back to the polar bear exhibition to see them! On the Flickr website, if you tag polar bears you get 59 000 ish hits!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Week 2 brave new world...

Ok, this is my first ever blog thanks to the 23 things project started by the PLCMC and continued by the YPRL in Australia. I am aiming to have learnt these 23 things before I start uni again next year (oh and in between stitching and reading and working and....:)

I was supposed to write about the 7 and a half habits of effective learning, and my strengths and weaknesses, but I think today all I can manage is to think about the last half habit of play, and how important this is in everyday life. Reminds me of a training session we did at work where we watched a dvd about the seattle fish markets and their entwined concept of play and work. I can't imagine throwing books around our library(well, actually I can, and at certain customers also!!), but the concept of being enthusiastic, loving what you do whilst being efficient and responsible is a good one to try and apply.

Ok, enough yabbering for now(don't you just love this word? I read it in Adriana Trigiani's book "Big Stone Gap").

Until next time....