Saturday, December 29, 2007

Week 3 completed!!! (finally)

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Have spent most of the day learning about photos and Images on Flickr.

I have learnt two things about technology today. Firstly, that it is NEVER, EVER as simple as it seems, and second, that the kids get ratty when the main computer is being used by someone other than them!!

This picture is part of my favourite things page on Flickr, and is my first attempt at adding an image to my blog. It was taken at Sea World on the Gold Coast, where I drove my family crazy because I kept going back to the polar bear exhibition to see them! On the Flickr website, if you tag polar bears you get 59 000 ish hits!!

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  1. Hey Jo, I am reading your blog as I complete each week - have just finished Week 3 (almost - just have to post something about technology!)and thought I would add a comment to yours.