Sunday, December 30, 2007

Week 4: RSS and Newsreaders

This module I learnt all about RSS, or to those like me who had no idea what that meant 'Really Simple Syndication'. I set up my own bloglines newsreader account and located a few interesting blogs and news feeds and added them to my account. For anyone wishing to visit this to see my totally inspiring and riveting choices, here is the link:

This module has taught me that I can do some things without the help of my husband or son, and that technology is a really wonderful thing, but only when you have a firm grasp as to what the heck you are supposed to know about!!

I also learnt about the importance of reading error messages. I was feeling rather proud of all I'd accomplished by myself this morning and was explaing to my husband that I still could not get my link to work correctly. When I showed him, he pointed out that my user name was not long enough (as shown in error box). He then very graciously told me it was very unclear, and that I had done well!

The concept of life long learning encouraged by librarians has to become a reality in our own lives. Technology is changing at such a fast pace that just keeping abreast of some of the changes takes a massive effort, but is definitely worth the time. I keep telling my kids that the time I have spent on the computer learning these things is well spent, as I now know more about some of them than they do!! I can spout words like RSS, blogging, on my flickr account etc and even know what they mean!!!

See ya

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