Monday, December 24, 2007

Week 2 brave new world...

Ok, this is my first ever blog thanks to the 23 things project started by the PLCMC and continued by the YPRL in Australia. I am aiming to have learnt these 23 things before I start uni again next year (oh and in between stitching and reading and working and....:)

I was supposed to write about the 7 and a half habits of effective learning, and my strengths and weaknesses, but I think today all I can manage is to think about the last half habit of play, and how important this is in everyday life. Reminds me of a training session we did at work where we watched a dvd about the seattle fish markets and their entwined concept of play and work. I can't imagine throwing books around our library(well, actually I can, and at certain customers also!!), but the concept of being enthusiastic, loving what you do whilst being efficient and responsible is a good one to try and apply.

Ok, enough yabbering for now(don't you just love this word? I read it in Adriana Trigiani's book "Big Stone Gap").

Until next time....

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  1. congratulations to you on making the start on 23 things - hopefully it will inspire others to join in and learn new [and dare I say] exciting things.
    well done - you lead and i'll follow in the new year :))