Saturday, October 18, 2008

Get your game on

Library staff experimenting with new gaming technolgy

On friday morning I participated in a gaming webinar as part of  Web Junction's MaintainIT Cookbook  series.  It was hosted by Lori Reed from the PLCMC and Beth Galloway from Information Godess Consulting.    This very fast paced thirty minute webinar covered some of the steps that need to be taken to start a gaming program in your library.  This was my very first webinar, and it was quite full on listening to the conversation, whilst watching the screen shots on the computer whilst participating in the live chat all at the same time!  Normal behaviour for my 13 year old I'm sure, but challenging for me.

Things of note for me were:
  • Do your homework.  Research the concept extensively,  find out what the kids want, write a proposal and use the kids to advocate it.
  • Gaming promotes literacy.  Use this to market  your proposal to those who are not interested.
  • Give it a go!  I really like this concept.  Hold a staff gaming night where everyone tries out as many different types of games available, from DS Lite to Wii to DDR to Club Penguin.
  • Use it to attract a different audience.  Introduce some of the Wii games to elderly residents at retirement homes, and invite them to a monthly gaming tournament at the library.
  • Library as the third place.  Use your library space to create an environment where everyone is welcome and can be part of a community activity.  Create a Wii bowling league! 
  • National Gaming Day is November 15 in America.
Best spent thirty minutes of my Friday :)


  1. Hi Jo, Thanks for the write up. Wanted to let you know we are doing a follow up webinar on Wednesday that will have a slower pace and have more step by step ideas. Here's a link:

  2. Those kind of games are funny to play it with the elderly.