Sunday, March 29, 2009

My MacBook

Just a quick blog post to brag about my new Macbook.  I sooo couldn't resist this awesome photo in Flickr  which captures some of my new favourite things!  My kids tell me that I love my iPhone more than them (sometimes true) and now I have another new gadget to love!
The last week has been a massive learning curve as I learn 'Mac', and I am hoping to attend some beginner 'mac' classes next sat so I can continue my learning journey!  Even blogging - something I love to do and which had been like second nature to me tonight has been a whole new adventure with my Mac.
Will blog again tomorrow and share some more of what has been happening lately.  Thanks for taking the time to drop by :)

PS Still can't find my user photo, and this will be my first question in class!


  1. I am so so SO very jealous jo!!!. That will be me in June ;)

  2. That damn photo has to be there somewhere! Sal