Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Week 3 SLQ Licence to Test Drive

This fortnight I have revisited wikis, as part of the SLQ's Licence to Test Drive.   Their definition follows:

A wiki (originating from the Hawaiian term for quick) is an open shared space
for collaborative editing. Contribution to a wiki requires no HTML or
programming knowledge. Unlike protected Web pages, any information added
to a wiki can be changed or deleted by "anyone". Previous versions of pages
are saved for easy recovery from errors.

I have enjoyed looking up some of the links given in this exercise, and viewing what others are using wikis for.  I especially liked Wookieepedia - a stars wars wiki that encourages fans to add to the collective knowledge of the site.  I showed my Stars Wars loving husband and son, who have since spent way to much time looking up things!

In contemplating their use in libraries, I especially like the thought of using them as an intranet based procedures manual.  All staff then have access to all information pertaining to how the organisation works, including all those piddly little in house rules!!  Would be a great way to introduce new staff to an organisation in a very un-threatening way.  Would be especially good for all staff to add their job descriptions, how-to manuals etc so all the information is contained in one place.

I also liked the Library Success:  A best practices wiki .  I spent a fair bit of time on this site following links on subjects that I was interested in.  This site embodies one of the things I like best abut libraries - the free sharing of information.

One of my best 'wiki' experiences was with my daughter last year after reading a post on Tame the Web.  We followed a link and Miss 9 and I added some local Toowoomba content to help Abbey - an American school girl - complete her homework .  We edited the wiki, added a photo of ourselves and included some links about Toowoomba and our library where I work and the school Miss 9 goes to.  We then sent a postcard to her as per the instructions on the wiki.  Miss 9 still talks about helping Abbey do her homework!  For me, I still think about that librarian dad using his skills to think outside the square and use technology to enhance his daughter's learning journey!

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  1. And that Dad - and his daughter - appreciate your help!