Sunday, February 3, 2008

Beyond the Hype symposium

Was ever so grateful to my work for allowing me to attend the Beyond the Hype Web2.0 Symposium in Brisbane this last two days. I have learnt so much, and been exposed to many differing thoughts on the notion of Web 2.0 and the concept of Library2.0. Christine Mackenzie, from Yarra Plenty Regional Library was one of the keynote speakes, and her concluding remarks stuck with me. She stated that the ongoing job of librarians is to learn to learn, adept to change and to scan the horizon.

How can I apply that in my studies this year, and in my job? We are forever talking about life long learning, and how important it is for improving literacy in our customers, but I think we need to take it on as a mantle in our own personal and professional lives also. May I always be willing to listen to new ideas, learn new things and be open to new suggestions.

Adapting to change will be a huge part of my professional life this year as our library amalgamates with 7 or 8 others.. The new Toowoomba Regional Shire commences mid march and with it will come changes. And a lot of them. May we adapt to these changes with understanding, integrity and enthusiasm. Our library can only get bigger and better as we embrace these changes!

Lastly, scanning the horizon. For me the challenge is for my thinking to have an external focus, instead of an internal one. To be on the lookout for new technology, new operating systems, new social networking sites, new ways of doing things and embracing new ideas.

These school holidays I have watched with my kids, 'Meet the Robinsons'. The theme of this great movie is keep moving forward, and that many failures can lead to success. After watching it so many times, the theme song has taken root in my head and heart. Keep moving forward. Keep moving forward even if there are failures and stumbling blocks along the way. Keep moving forward. Learn to keep learning. Adapt to change. Scan the horizon. And keep moving forward.

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