Thursday, April 10, 2008

Assignment 1 finished, and counting....

Nothing compares with the feeling of hitting the send button on a completed uni assignment! One down and one more to go for this semester, then 3 weeks of prac at the Brisbane Square Library and then, last semester. Oh so close, but so far.

After electronically posting my assignment, I had last weekend off, so I decided to start a new quilt. I have been quietly buying japanese fabric for the last 7 months, and finally decided on a pattern that would showcase the rich variety of fabrics. The pattern is called Le Jardin, and I love it done it these fabrics!! Very biased opinion I know.

Don't you just love the detail on the fabrics? I absolutely love these dragonflies!! I can't wait to drop it off to Bev for her to quilt, something geometrical and funky I think. Or not.

School holiday time, and I have been working nearly full time filling in for a friend at work whilst she is on hols. Dion has taken 2 weeks holidays and is being the house husband! Needless to say lots of time on the computer for all involved and not much else.

This weekend we are going to Brisbane to see Disney's High School Musical 1 & 2 The Ice Tour!! Will post some pictures about our experience.

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