Monday, November 10, 2008

Continuous improvement

I have decided to be proactive.  There will be no job as a librarian where I currently work as a library assistant, and no way to gain any experience there either.  My wise husband asked me if I would consider volunteering my time in order to gain experience.  Hell yes!  So, I am now volunteering for one day a week in a local private high school library.  I had my first day last wednesday and it was great.  What amazed me most was the sheer amount of knowledge that the staff  have in order to keep up with their students!  I was so impressed with that attitude of continuous learning that was very prevalent.

Speaking of continuous learning, on the weekend I attended another webinar from the Webjunction/Maintain IT folks in the States.  I really am enjoying these and learn so much from them.  Branding libraries and their services was the topic, and was led by Michael Leach from Harvard Uni.  He covered topics such as why brand, how to sell services, what audience is the target, how to market the brand, and some current branding models.  We looked at colours and then some examples of library brands from across America.  What spoke to me was the 'when' to use your brand - all the time!!!
'People need to see the brand before they can associate with it' - Michael Leach
It should be on websites, stationary, check out slips, program flyers, and anywhere the library 'is'.  Over 86 librarians participated from all across America and Canada and only me from Australia!!!  For me participating in these webinars helps me stay up to date on current issues, which is vital since I am not working as a librarian.

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