Sunday, February 1, 2009

20th Anniversary of Toowoomba City Library

I finally finished my second digital photo story!  This one tells the story of the Toowoomba City Library's 20th Anniversary Celebrations.  It contains photos of staff, local dignitaries, the Friends of the Library group  and customers, all who have played a major role in supporting the Library.  Apparently it was a wonderful night (I was at the NLS4 in Melbourne at the time) and all who attended spoke very favourably about the library and the services we provide.

Toowoomba City Library's 20th Anniversary Celebration from Jo Beazley on Vimeo.


  1. Well done Jo!!! Another great digital photo story and looking forward to seeing more of your work. Maybe we could collaborate on a project in the future.

  2. Very enjoyable to watch and well presented Jo, you chose a good song :)
    From Rory

  3. Lovely digital photo story! Where do you find the time? I am starting to suspect you aren't quite human. After all, the glasses, the mild mannered day job? You must be a superhero of sorts :)
    Angela Butler

  4. guys watching these have made me sooo homesick... Jo as always you have done an amazing job..

    we will have to catch up soon


  5. Wow, how good is flickr!! You have captured the night perfectly.

  6. Jo, you have done an amazing job. It looks brilliant! I really love the song you chose to go with the music. Well done!