Monday, December 1, 2008

Nice things do happen to me sometimes!

I had some really nice things happen this last week.  I received my last assignment back in the mail, and when I opened it I saw that I had received a HD!  Yeah!  Very nice way to finish off my Grad Dip.  My family decided to take me out to tea to celebrate, which was great. This photo was taken at my sister's house and my husband is thinking, 'thank god she has finished studying!'
My sister made this very early graduation ice cream cake in the shape of a graduation cap!  Very cool I thought, and I was touched by her creativity and thoughtfulness.
Lastly, some of my friends at work all put in and bought me a new charm for my 'library' bracelet.  I have blogged about my bracelet before, and so was amazed when they gave me a mobile phone charm to add.  My work friends said it's to represent my love of technology and my iphone!  Needless to say when I global emailed my thanks to all involved I used the opportunity to talk about technology as a wonderful tool that can only enhance our work environment and our services!   Thank you to everyone involved for the beautiful gift.  I will wear it with pride.

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