Monday, May 12, 2008

Assignment 2 completed!!!

What a great feeling knowing that I have finished uni for this semester. I finished my last assignment on Sunday morning, all that is left to do is electronically submit it. The feeling of relief is immense.

With all the extra free time on my hands I have been madly snapping photos of staff and our work environment so that I can create a photo story of our Library. Feel free to view them on Flickr - just type in Toowoomba City Library in the search bar. Today I spent the day bogged down in Skreemr looking for audio that is free of copyright. Oh the joys.... I think(?) I have narrowed my search down to just two, both instrumental. Will have to see what looks/sounds best.

Now that my assignment is finished, I can go back to my stitching group and sit and not feel guilty!!

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