Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oh so sad!

Our much loved poodle has spent this week being carried around like royalty - all on the advice of our vet! He dislocated his kneecap whilst playing with Maggie, and is feeling very sorry for himself. Only a few more weeks of carrying him up and down stairs and hopefully all will be well again!
I am now counting down the days until I begin my prac in Brisbane, and am getting very nervous as well as excited. What am I looking forward to the most? Not making school lunches for three whole weeks!!!
Thanks to everyone who has viewed my digital photo story on Vimeo. It has had 60 hits!! Cool.

1 comment:

  1. Poor little poodle! Our toy apricot got her knees "done" by Dr Bob and West Toowoomba vets when she was a little girl - has had no probs since. BTW - Hi from another quilting, book loving, poodle-owned Billy Bragg fan is Toowoomba!!