Tuesday, June 3, 2008

3 more days until prac....

Well, semester 1 is finished and prac is nearly here! My first day is this friday, and then the following 3 weeks. I feel excited and scared at the same time, just like starting school again, wondering if I'll fit in, will I like it, will I know enough and will anyone talk to me? I am so looking forward to all the new learning I will be doing.

This past week or so has been full on, to say the least. Our car was in an accident (Dion is ok) but our car is out of action for 6 or so weeks as it gets fixed. My in-laws very graciously offered one of their cars for us to use, and this has been wonderful. Add a trip to the coast to pick the car up, two orthodontist appointments, a school disco, work and all of the other stuff that gets crammed into a week and you can get the picture!! Oh, and getting things ready at home so I can go away for prac!

On this note, I must say that the thing I will miss the most is my family and animals, the thing I will miss the least is making school lunches! May the experience be so joyous for my husband that he offers to do it for the rest of the kid's schooling!

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