Sunday, June 15, 2008

Brisbane Square Library

Brisbane Central Library
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I can't believe that I have completed one whole week of my prac! Time does fly when you're having fun! I forgot my trusty camera this week but found this great photo on flickr to use. It really capture the sense of space quite well.

Where to start? Firstly the building! I just have to say that I haven't sneezed once! To those that know me at my current work, this must seem like a miracle!! I can only assume it has to do with the newness of the building and maybe the massive space the collection is housed across.

The staff basically work across all four levels of the library, from the workrooms in the basement, to self check out on the ground floor, to computers, learning lounges, meeting rooms, children's and young adults on the first floor to signing up customers, fiction, non fiction, reference and large print on the second floor. I am going to take my pedometer in next week and count my steps for a day!

The staff are great! I was worried that no one would talk to me, but they are all very friendly and willing to share freely of their knowledge. I have spent this week truly understanding the depth of this library service. I basically tagged alongside many different staff members, learning about their jobs as I observed what they were doing.

I feel very grown up and Brisbane city like as I wear my sand shoes and backpack to walk to work!! I try to walk along different streets every time so I can always be seeing new things.

And still my favourite part of the week is the online reference desk!! Very nerdy of me I know, but I just love hearing the sound of an incoming question, and the process of being able to provide access to information in a format that is current and relevant to those that are used to working/learning/communicating like this.

I still have sick kids so I'd better go. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi JO! Been thinking of you often, wondering how it's all going. So glad to hear it's all good. That library looks terrific. Might just make a quick trip down and take a look. Could we meet for lunch one day do you think? Just say if it won't work. Going to young Luke Fitzgerald's funeral tomorrow. Maybe I'd better text you to work out the best day. Great blogging by the way! See y. Bron.

  2. Hey Jo - good to hear that you are learning so much - I trust you will be bringing back many wonderful new ideas, concepts and thoughts re. Libraries, your blog is well and truly inspriational - mine well lets say its still lacking ;-/
    anyway continue to enjoy the experience.

  3. Hello From Brisbane
    Glad to hear you made it back home. Glad you enjoyed your time here. Don't forget to pop in and see us when you are in town. It was a pleasure to meet you and show you around.