Sunday, June 8, 2008

One day down, 20 more to go!

Well, first day of prac is completed! I travelled down on the bus to Brisbane Square Library for the day on friday, where I spent the day generally learning about the library and its spaces and collections. Most importantly though, I was able to spend some time learning about the virtual reference service 'ask a Librarian'. After doing assignments on this area last year, I was very excited to see it in practice, and am hoping to be able to spend some serious time with the librarians who run this service.

I go back to Brisbane tomorrow, and will spend the next three weeks completing my prac. My high expectations have already been met, so here is hoping for a great rest of my prac!

On a quilting/stitching note, I received my japanese quilt back from Bev the incredible machine quilter! She stippled the quilt with gold thread, effectively tying in all the different japanese fabrics. I truly love it, and just love wrapping myself up in it on a cold night (as do the cat and dog and kids!)

You may notice a new chiclet on the sidebar of my blog. I am part of a Quilting Gallery of Bloggers from all around the world. A great site to spend hours reading quilting/stitching blogs from around the world!!

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