Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Third Space

After hours spent trying to upload my digital photo story to Youtube, I have (with much consultation from forums, my husband and my son) decided to post it to a different video sharing site, Vimeo. One that supports digital photo stories!!

I originally decided to create a story so that I could put into practice some of the skills I learnt at a recent seminar run by Edna. I chose our library as it is a great way to promote the wonderful place it is, and the great staff that work there! I must admit to being quite proud of my first effort, though the quality is lost somewhat along the way.

Hope you like it, feel free to follow the link back to the site and write a comment on it. Thanks =D

Oh, a great hint for better viewing is to start the clip and let it buffer, then drag it back to the beginning. The clip will stop and start and be very frustrating to watch if you don't!!

1 comment:

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