Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home again

I can't believe that we are home again.  What an amazing 10 days away.

We spent sat/sun/monday visiting Rotoura,  Taupo and Hamilton, and it was freezing. Minus 2 both mornings with frosts! We loved the drive and the scenery, and were amazed at the beautiful green countryside. We spent half a day visiting a Maori village and saw thermal pools, bubbling mud and the geyers, all wonderful memories of my own from a childhood visit.  We also rode a gondola and saw amazing views of Rotura and the lake.  We rode a luge down!!  The kids swam in a thermal pool in freezing outside conditions - crazy I say!  We visited the Huka Falls, and loved the botanical gardens in Hamilton, a definate highlight for Dion and myself.

We spent thelast day  in Auckland with Nigel and Carolyn, and headed out of NZ  at 7.30 am this morning.  I couldn't sleep, and have been up since 11.30 pm australian time.  The flight back was good, as was our travel back to toowoomba, though it is hard to get used to brown grass again!   Our cat and dog were very pleased to see us.

Once again, thanks so much to Nigel and Carolyn for helping us visit, and for allowing us to spend this precious time with you both.  A privilege.

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