Friday, August 8, 2008

Tenakawa or hello or greetings

Have had a good last few days.  Yesterday we caught a ferry over to Devonport and climbed Mt Victoria.  What absolutely amazing views, I still can't believe how green everthing is. Also went to The Auckland Public Library which was three floors of amazing!!!!  I think our library has a much bigger collection but just not the physical spaces that only enhance the collections. After lunch we were back at the hospital and Nigel was up for a walk around the ward on some metal crutches.  So far no hideous side effects from the chemo, just some nausea. 

This morning we caught a bus to the museum and spent a few hours walking around.  I was amazed by the kids.  They were so uninterested in all the static displays, and yet as soon as the displays became interactive, I couldn't drag them away!  Very interesting statement on kids that are born with a mouse in their hands!  They especially loved the volcano display and the hands on oceans areas.

They have given Nigel a walking frame with a seat built in, and he has been hooning around the ward.  The nurses have told him to slow down!!  The kids are doing some homework and I am about to go and do some more uni readings. 

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. so glad all is going as well as can be. NZ is definitely a beautiful country - I was amazed at the green too! Glad you are getting to enjoy your visit a little. HopeNigel's treatment does all it's supposed to do. Love Sal