Saturday, August 16, 2008

Self promotion?

Was excited to see some of the displays in the Auckland Library.  This was one of the many interspersed around the collection and highlighted the Librarian's choice in books.  Such a simple display that adds such a personal touch to their space, and promotes who they are and what they do.

I have been thinking on this area of self promotion and still believe that we owe it to ourselves to do the best we can do, regardless of, and often despite our circumstances. I know some may disagree, and that is ok.  But for me, I need to believe that no matter how busy we are, how snowed under in our work loads that we still can find the time to promote who we are and what we do.   And it is often the small, unnoticed, everyday things we do that promote us the best!  The kind words spoken, the understanding smile at the mum who is having a bad day, carrying heavy books for an elderly customer, going the extra mile in a reference interview, bringing in a beautiful morning tea for staff to thank them for a job well done.  Our circumstances may be that no grand gestures can take place, but we can still smile and serve and provide customers with a great experience that will make them want to return!

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  1. nice to see you are home. Thanks for the gut wrenching story of the breast cancer lady! Tears are not what I need at work! I have a friend who is also suffering end stage breast cancer and is not wanting to hang around in this world any longer. It's a tough road to travel. Glad all's going well for your father in law. Makes me want to visit our friend in Darwin tomorrow. He is also battling cancer and is waiting a few more weeks before travelling to Melbourne to learn whether him chemo has dented his tumours or not.....Anyway see on Tues...Sal