Thursday, January 22, 2009

On holidays - or how not to have a relaxing week off

I am having my first week off work in over a year.  Last year I needed to take all my annual leave to attend my prac in Brisbane and a conference in Melbourne.  I envisioned myself relaxing, hanging out with the kids, watching some tennis and being able to get some stuff done online that I needed to do.  The reality has not been this at all!  It has been very hot, our poodle is still not well (more vet trips and $$$), my kids are at the end of 8 weeks holiday and are going stir crazy - fighting with each other -and more importantly I cannot get them off our two computers.  Normally I am ok with this, as we encourage digital literacy in our house, but not when it means I cannot get to my computer.  I have changed passwords etc, and today I will resort to taking keyboards (again) when I go out of the house.  I so need a laptop that is just for me. Sigh.

When I have been able to get to a computer, I was able to download Stanza to my iphone and to my desktop.  What a wonderful piece of software.  I have downloaded books onto my iphone and can now read at leisure in a font that suits me best whenever I am out.  I really think the two outstanding features for me is Stanza's ability to change font size, and the inclusion of books from Project Gutenberg.

I also was able to download the DCPL app and road test it.  What an amazing application.  I was able to show it to a few staff where I work, and was excited by the people who actually 'got' what is was all about(we still don't have a website that is current or relevant).  A catalogue that is user friendly and available in a medium that is relevant.  I loved the simple look of the app and have had a great time putting the search interface through its paces!  I now know where all the DC Public Libraries are, along with their opening hours and phone numbers.  So if I ever get to the States, I can find my way around all the DCPL because of my iphone library catalogue application!

I stated previously in my blog the need for us to promote ourselves in digital spaces, but as I am not yet employed as a libarian where I work, these decisions and actions are not up to me to try to be involved in.  Quite frustrating really.  As there are no projects in our library, there is not any way to even get onto a project team that can be looking into these things.  And even if there was a project team, I would not be able to be part of it because I am employed as a library assistant and not a librarian.  So all that makes me less employable in the future as I have no experience in even being part of a team!  Another sigh.

So enough of me feeling sorry for myself.  Once school goes back I can start my volunteer work and hopefully start learning new things that can and will make me more employable.

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  1. Glad you like the app and that it got a download down under! ;)

  2. Hey thanks Aaron! Actually, I love your app and have passed on the link to our IT people at council. I really think it's amazing and show and tell all I meet :)