Thursday, January 1, 2009


It is New Years Day and I am thinking about all that has happened in the last year, and my goals and aspirations for this new year. 

  • I finshed my grad dip and am now a qualified librarian. I am taking a year off to try and gain some experience, and am planning on re enrolling for 2010.
  • I have attended conferences, unconferences, seminars and webinars on library 2.0/web 2.0, a subject I am passionate about.  I have learnt heaps!
  • I have been humbled by the generosity of library bloggers from around the world who so freely share their thoughts and knowledge.  I have learnt so much!
  • Blogging opens doors.  I have been truly amazed at the opportunities that have opened for me because of this, and the friendships and relationships that I have developed online.
  • Technology is a tool that can only enhance our library services (to some this sounds like a given, but in some work environments this idea is not embraced).
  • Social Networking has etiquette and regardless of age/experience/qualifications libraries must be involved in teaching this as part of their information/digital literacy programs (I am going to blog about this in a seperate post).
  • The best learning occurs when it is self directed, and then it often becomes a joyous experience.
  • To thyself be true.


Proactive participation is my goal for all things this year.
  • I have been accepted to be part of the Australian ePortfolios Project and I can't wait. 
  • I have written some proposals for future projects so will see if they are successful. 
  • I will be volunteering in a high school library and in a public library in another town for one day a week, hopefully learning lots about all aspects of the industry.
  • I have a list of 'tech' things I have read about but want to learn more about.  Maybe try for one a month?
  • To keep talking and blogging about all the ways that technology can enhance workplaces and spaces.  
  •  To create another digital photo story on the amalgamation of our library services, and in doing so meet and spend time with the staff who run these libraries. 
  • To keep learning and growing.  We have at the heart of our profession the notion of life long learning.  May I truly embrace this and always be open to hearing about, and learning about new things.
  • To thyself be true.
May this new year bring you joy, peace and happiness.


  1. Congrats on the ePortfolio! Sounds very promising for you, I hope it all goes well.

    Been a bit out of touch for a few weeks, so I'm just catching up :)

  2. Thanks Greg! I go down to Brisbane early feb and can't wait! Would love to catch up sometime soon. Are you on twitter yet? If so, friend me @ jobeaz

  3. Alas twitter is not for me. Between work, four kids and the all important gaming (Ha!) I can never muster the interest for all this web 2.0 stuff in my personal life... how funny given my professional life revolves around now it seems :)