Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Elvis on YouTube!

Can you believe what is on YouTube? I just LOVE Elvis, and especially love this song. Task 20 was discover YouTube, and I cannot believe some of the things that are on it!! Some is very clever and creative, some just weird! Being an 80's queen, I searched for bands like Duran Duran, Spandeau Ballet etc, and had a fabulous time watching and singing along.

As for YouTube and libraries, who knows? It would possibly be funny attaching a few clips that show librarians not taking themselves so seriously (library dominoes, blonde in library), but I don't really think so. It would be interesting to find out if librarians are using YouTube, and how.

Hope you enjoyed one of my all time favourite artists and songs!

8.15 am

Me back again. Was thinking over this issue of libraries and YouYube and thought that the possibilities are endless! Clips of instructing patrons on how to use the... was one thought. I decided to type libraries into the search engine on Youtube and spent way to long watching some very clever clips. Two in particular were great: a film clip of a typical work day in a public library using Madonna's 'Ray of light', and the winner of a competition looking at popular misconceptions of the library. What a great way to promote your young adult section of the library by running a contest on Youtube?

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