Saturday, January 26, 2008

Finally finished!

Yeah! I have finally completed my Learning 2.0 23 Things project. The last few 'things' have taken a while as I've had a very sick dog who is still not well :( , more trips to the orthodontist with more broken wire and brackets, and gathering the last minute back to school things for the kids.

Task #21 was discovering some useful search tools for locating podcasts. This task was .. different. I spent quite a lot of time actually learning about podcasting, which I was so glad to do as the word is bandied around quite a bit. I discovered 'the site to find podcasts'. Like stepping into a whole new world!! I listened to podcasts on library info, harry potter, coffee, parenting and I still think I may be a little disappointed with the quality of some of the podcasts I listened to. Maybe my expectations were to high? I have previously listened to podcasts from the Australian War Memorial, which were great, so I may have been expecting some of the same high quality.

Task #22 was to take a look at some titles that are available on NetLibrary, and learn how to download audiobooks. I was very impressed with this site and loves playing with all the interactive options whilst 'learning' about the different options available. The notion of downloading an eaudiobook is great!! If you were at a computer for a lot of the time, you could be listening to a favourite book being read to you!! Don't you just love multi tasking? Oh the things I have discovered!! The implications for this technology are so widespread. I was thinking of all the visually impaired people who use libraries, with these ebooks added to collections, their reading materials are almost endless.

Task #23 is to summarise your thoughts on this program. I have loved doing it! I am so glad I read about it in a library journal and signed up to do it. I have learnt so much over the last few months, and am feeling more confident using/talking about some of the new technologies around at the moment. This learning will be added to by my attendance at a Learning 2.0 seminar in Brisbane next weekend, where papers will be presented on some of these technologies, as well as forums discussing their use in libraries. Can't wait.

I have decided to keep blogging also. I must admit is is very cathartic, and I have really enjoyed this part of my 23 Things journey. I have enjoyed reading other people's blogs as well, and have learnt so much from reading them. If I had to pick one thing to take away from this online learning experience, it would be to never stop learning about new things, or be afraid to try them out. Who cares if you don't like them, the process is just as important as the product! May life long learning become an important part of who we are.

see you

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