Thursday, January 3, 2008

Halfway through week 6

Over the last few days I have learnt about Folksonomies, tagging and discovered (a social bookmarking site). Folksonomies or tagging is a free form method of categorising information, allowing users to associate keywords with online concepts. This is almost the exact opposite of taxonomies or the strict cataloging system used in libraries based on LCSH. is a great site and I could not believe how much time I spent on this site following tags to different blogs. I bookmarked many things and followed links to other people who had also bookmarked that topic, and then followed links to their bookmarked sites and so on and so forth.... The kids were on time out and off the computer so I spent a lovely afternoon clicking and reading.

I also learnt about Technorati, one of the leading authorities and search tools on blogs and blogging. Many people use tags or keywords to describe posts on their blogs, and Technorati allows users to effectively search blogs using these specific tags. I still am amazed at what people write about, but then I guess I can because I am yabbering away about what I am learning!!

Oh, I also learnt a new word, well actually quite a few this week, but the one I like best is 'chiclet'. Anyone know what it means?

Well, better go and get kids up for a visit to the orthadontist before work.

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